Improve Quality, Yield and Lower Operational Costs

Smarter Manufacturing

Digitisation in manufacturing has created an abundance of data. Our solutions integrate AI into 

your environment to provide a fully secure, deployed solution that can scale within a site or globally depending on your needs. 

Many processes can be streamlined to reduce manual interventions that improve operations and ensure maximum equipment utilisation.

Drag & Drop Image Inference Check
Semiconductor Wafer Inspection

Our platform allows your experts to work with their data sets to not only validate AI solutions but to also retrain and tune models themselves if required. We believe this puts control into the hands of the users who understand the data.

Our Use Cases:

  • Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

  • Automated Image Defect Detection

  • Automated Root Cause Analysis

Accelerate Patient Diagnosis and Streamline Workflows


Our AI platform is designed to provide an assistive support to clinicians and healthcare professionals. We provide a scalable solution to establishing a ground source truth that can handle large data sets including image , waveform's, hand written notes or text reports.

We have designed multi-user based projects that provide a way to manage and track data sets including AI model version and benchmark reporting.

Pneumonia Drag & Drop Inference Testing
Eye Retina Defect Detection

Our platform allows for multi-disciplined teams in a clinical environment to contribute to the development of AI solutions. This approach ensures the whole team gets to add value which results in better patient outcomes.

Our Use Cases:

  • Asisstive Patient Diagnosis, Radiography etc

  • Automated Work Flow Scheduling

  • Training Healthcare Professionals

Improve Efficiency and Meet CO2 Emission Targets

Smart Energy for Our Future

Building energy solutions requires a flexible approach that allows for what-if development of AI models. This requires a versatile forecasting tool that can automatically help select the most applicable algorithm for model development. In addition combining neural networks, regression and bayesian modelling techniques can accommodate modelling of multi-vector energy solutions.

Our solution allows for historical data model development that can be very quickly switched to live energy forecasting via real-time database or IoT data.

Energy Forecasting
Multi-user Energy data logging

Our platform allows existing forecast models to be integrated into the platform providing a way to combine and evolve new models. By combining other data sets such as weather forecasts or adverse warning conditions likely critical situations can be accurately predicted and prevented.

Our Use Cases:

  • Forecasting Energy Demand

  • Asset Monitoring

  • Optimising Multi-Vector Energy Solutions


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